EXPLORE Natural Light Portraiture

July 20, 2019, 9-11:00amĀ  $25.00

The nearby Palo Alto Medical Foundation campus (PAMF) happens to be a great place for natural light portraiture. I have discovered many of the quiet and semi secluded places intended for rest and contemplation and also serve as great portrait spots. This is the site of our next Explore, Natural Light Portraiture, the tips and tricks edition. Join us for a brief yet spirited session of photographing people in the light we find. Good portraitists call it circumstantial light; Whether shooting for fun or profit, knowing how to look at light and look for light that makes people look good will improve your portraiture game significantly. Join us for this hands-on PhotoTrainer Explore, refresh your manual mode chops and have some fun. ~TEU

We’ll assemble at the Clark Elevator right by the Homer St. underpass where I’ll provide you with tips and handouts.

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