Baylands Treasure Hunt

August 22, 2021  |  8am to 10am $75.00

Join me as I conduct a Treasure Hunt! Yes, with a map! The Palo Alto Baylands is a great place for all kinds of photography. Flying objects, floating objects, water and sky. 2500 Embarcadero Rd, Palo Alto, CA 94303 8am-10am Duck Pond Parking lot.

Bounded by Mountain View and East Palo Alto, the 1,940-acre Baylands Preserve is one of the largest tracts of undisturbed marshland remaining in the San Francisco Bay. Many consider this area to be one of the best bird watching areas on the west coast. We’ll shoot as morning emerges into day. We’ll study the light and think about how to choose shutter speeds, apertures and gain confidence in manual mode. I will do demos, have cheat sheets and get you facile in manual mode for once and for all!  ~TEU