Hummingbird Explore at the Palo Alto Baylands $79

April 02,  April 21st  | 8am-10am (or so…)

I am reviving the Hummer Explore this year. The Echium Fastuosum (Pride of Madeira) plants will be in glorious form in April with all of the rain we have had and the hummers love this flower. Successful hummingbird photos need some specific things lens-wise, settings-wise and head-wise. I’ll let you in on these shooting pointers, a great autofocus workout and will guide you along while these crazy critters flutter, zoom, dive and defend their territories from each other. Join me for the challenge of documenting one of nature’s more entertaining displays of nature in the wild.

I’ll cover camera settings and go over hummingbird behavior. We’ll meet at Palo Alto Baylands Duck Pond Parking Lot. Bring your long lenses! Be prepared with charged batteries and memory cards.

…Mine! No, Mine. No, Mine, No…Mine… ~TEU


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