Pelican Explore September 8th
Bixby wetlands, Soap Pond

We call it Pelican-Palooza…not a picnic, but a international convention of nature’s most astounding birds.

Saturday, September 8, 2018 | 8-10am  $50.00

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The pelicans are back. Every summer, hundreds of American white pelicans descend on Palo Alto area marsh lands, gathering in great flocks to spend the fall and early winter. Starting in late June and early July, they come here to the edge of California and stay through January. At the peak in September, the Palo Alto baylands will be home to up to 1,000 of them.

One of the many reasons we live here, literally right at the bay end of San Antonino road, after the tech parks, less that a 10 minute walk from you car, there you are in a page out of National Geographic. Join PhotoTrainer for a delightful mini workshop where we help you get into the practice of manual Mode and the dark corners of the lesser known parameters of Auto Focus! This event will be entertaining and challenging as these birds are a riot and photographing (I cannot in good conscience say “shooting” here) them is a great exercise in refining your camera technique.