Once a month I host a photowalk for my PhotoTrainer® folks who want practice, though all photographers learning manual mode are welcome. These are not a camera classes per se, but opportunities to put manual mode exercise into your camera use repertoire. I keep the group small (6 people) and apply lots of personal help where you need it. These PhotoWalks support thinking through aperture/shutter options for better images. Short and sweet photo exercises you can do and long on demos, technique and encouragement. (…as Donald Fagen muses in Steely Dan’s Babylon Sisters, “Like a Sunday in TJ, it’s cheap but it’s not free”) I have been organizing great shoots for clients for over 30 years; and photo classes for ten, I have had five stars on Yelp for nine years. In one of my PhotoWalks you are the beneficiary of that seasoning, you will Learn from a Pro. I bring my PhotoTrainer® be here now method of shooting better, so sign up to be there then! I look forward to working with you. $35.

Macro Flowers PhotoWalk / July 30th, 9am to 12pm  Info/Sign Up!

Tidepools PhotoWalk / August 27th, 8am to 10:30am (Low Tide at 8:54am!) Info/Sign Up!

Pulgas Water Temple / September 16th, 2pm to 4pm Info/Sign Up!