Palo Alto Baylands


As a restoration project for a blighted bay dumpsite next to a landfill the Palo Alto Baylands has been an active community site since 1991 when the City decided to clean up their part of the bay. Today it is in the final stages of becoming a very beautiful nature preserve. Come out and see all kinds of birds, some controversial experiments in Public Art (great for portrait backgrounds!), and some serene natural waterscapes. For improved learning, we limit our class size to 6 people.

Let me help you gain in-the-moment confidence using your cameras basic features in manual mode to get the best shots your camera has to offer. I will exercise you in the shooting cycle: meter, focus, compose and shoot. (… Repeat …) this way you will gain new confidence and facility with your camera. We will start early, shoot until 11 or so, break for early lunch and then repair back to PhotoTrainer World Headquarters for a careful and studied look at our images.

This IS a field photography class so the main intent is on making great images.

Make it a gift certificate!