Speedlight Portraiture


Check back soon for new dates to be posted in 2017.

Here is the chance to explore Portraiture (with models) AND this facile new lighting technology on the go with your camera, your strobes, and a pro at your side.

There is a bunch of stuff to know: the settings, placing the units for best results, when to use a lightbox and when to use direct light and how much of each.  In addition, you will learn when to use “wireless” or radio triggered, TTL or manual. Join me and some great looking subjects for an excellent day of speed-light photography.

This class is limited to 6, and tends to fill up quickly. I will do a Speedlight demo for Nikon and Canon systems. This is a small and personal workshop, not a Meetup gang shoot type of thing. You will get of time with the experienced models.

Make it a gift certificate!

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