DSLR Tax Champ Special ~ Save $100 

$225.00  $125!

You got your taxes filed early and now you can save a hundred bucks on my DSLR Jumpstart Deluxe class! This is a once-a-year deep discount PhotoTrainer event.

 Monday Apr 15, 2019  |  9am to 4pm

The most popular of my digital photography classes, our DSLR Jumpstart Deluxe class is ideal for the new camera owner as well as the current owner who is aching for better control by use of Manual Mode.

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In this engaging, hands-on digital camera class, we explain the qualities of excellent photographs and the most important functions on your DSLR camera that a professional photographer uses to achieve these qualities.

This camera class helps you learn how to use your camera’s light meter for creative exposure control, white balance for accurate color, in-depth Auto Focus features for tack-sharp photos, and on-camera flash technique for professional quality fill-lighting.

We demystify your camera for three hours in the morning, take a lunch break and then come back for three more hours in the afternoon. The day offers a thoughtfully paced, six hours of instruction, demos, exercises and answering questions along the way. In this small class, no student is left behind!

You’ll learn how to do the following on your camera:

•    The “Way to Shoot” digital photographs
•    Understand camera operation and interface
•    The best camera menu settings for different subjects
•    How to control exposure in Manual mode
•    The fundamentals to master accurate focus, every time.

PLUS we’ll show you how to:

•    Observe the quality of light
•    Control white balance for accurate color
•    Set your flash power settings for great results in soft indoor light to strong outdoor sun
•    Compose a photograph

Please note this workshop teaches the DSLR and the better DM (mirrorless) camera. You need a camera with interchangeable lenses to participate in a class. Please read the sidebar » “What is a DSLR/M?” to determine if you have the right camera for this class.

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