I Discovered a great new book by Kim Beil! Hot off the press this photo book is unlike the others. All the others…part history and part anthropology of the pastime we know as Photography. This is a great book for photo history buffs and followers of all photo genres. Good Pictures adroitly connects the evolving methodology of image making and the groundswell of popularity in photography that has never let up. From the beginning in 1839 with Mr. Fox-Talbot and Monsieur Daguerre up to the present, the author has explored both user guides and popular press. What she has come up with is fascinating for avid photographers even and the jaded pro here and there. (That is probably me). I finally got a timeline of the print process that I could understand. Got the material evolution of Paper, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Negative, Print and finally CMOS Pixel chronology in splendid display. The photos and illustrations in the book are a delightful insight as to how photographers and photographs influenced each other throughout its sensational and colorful history. Photography by the turn of the 20th Century became the first social media. ~TEU