Photography Classes

In my photo coaching work I bring over thirty years of professional photography experience for you to learn at your level to get great shots. I help beginners with their brand new cameras, I work with professionals as a mentor, and consult with companies and start-ups. My students have helped me evolve a unique method of teaching the DSLR/M cameras that has earned me five stars on Yelp for nine years running I blend the craft with the functions on the camera to show you how to be creative. You invested in a high quality camera, why not invest in a great class? Personal, intense, small class, way more fun. The Jumpstart Deluxe Class The most popular of our digital photography classes, our DSLR Jumpstart Deluxe class is ideal for the new camera owner as well as the current owner who is aching for more control and better photos. $233. Photographic Composition Learn the vernacular of “visualization”, the literature of photographs and what makes some photographs more interesting than others. Then make more interesting photographs yourself! Join us for a spirited and engaging exploration and discourse on what makes photographs work. This class happens quarterly. We look at composition’s tenets and we shoot, so bring it! $233 Portraiture Lighting Workshop Studio lighting in the morning, Glamour, Rembrandt, Headshot lighting and more. We will start in the studio and after lunch do natural location lighting with a model or two. I will have models included in the price of the class. Join us for a great day of portraiture and lighting learning. $336. And we’ve got some new Explores for you to consider. $55.

Make it a gift certificate!

I took a course at Phototrainer to help me better understand my camera and what it could do. Tom really helped explain all the features and functions with good examples and an excellent supplementary booklet that goes with the camera’s manual. I now feel much more confident with using my camera now.

- Ed Uytingco