Photography Classes Overview

In my photo coaching work, I bring over forty years of professional photography experience, and over ten years watching how people learn camera technology. I help beginners with their brand new cameras, I work with professionals as a mentor, I hold team building events with companies and I consult with businesses that consume photos for their branding. My students have helped me evolve a unique method of teaching finer cameras that have earned me five stars reviews for ten years running. I blend the art and craft of photography with the functions and actions on the camera to enable creative flow. You invested in a great camera, why not invest in a great class? Personal, entertaining, live class, –way more fun.

Better iPhone Class  Sleeping somewhere in your phone is a dandy little camera. It is rather shy, yet it has a creative heart and so do you. Time to wake up! I want to personally introduce the two of you and then teach you how to use this camera-phone the way a photographer uses a camera-camera. Learn to use this Instrumenta-Ubiquita less haphazardly, and more deliberately. This day class explores the foundation of owning and operating your iPhone as a camera, in the pursuit of great camerawork. You can do this with the camera that is in your pocket. Exciting, yes.  $233  $185

The Jumpstart Class The most popular of our digital photography classes, our DSLR Jumpstart Deluxe class is ideal for the new camera owner as well as the current owner who is aching for more control and better photos. Learn Manual Mode blends the art and the function for once and for all, hosted in my studio, and is day long (9am to 4pm) with lunch break. $233  $185.

Photographic Composition  Learn the vernacular of “visualization”, the  language of the craft.  What makes some photographs strong and others weak? This class turns on light bulbs in your head. Much of Photo Composition we already know, but alas, it is unrecognized. We are creatures of light.  Interact with me, your camera and like-minded others, to enjoy your camera more. Join us for a spirited and engaging exploration and discourse on what makes photographs powerful.  We look at composition’s tenets, we obey, we disobey and we shoot a lot. $233$185.

Learn Portraiture Lighting Workshop  Studio Lighting, Natural Light. Headshot, Portrait, Soft, Hard, Reflected, and Direct Light and then Rembrandt and Glamour. A model or possibly two is included in the price of the class. Join us for a great day of looking at light on people’s faces!  Live and In Person at PTHQ  $325  $295.

Still Life Workshop Join me for a day of Still Life Photography. PhotoTrainer World HQ. 9am to 4pm. Explore the worlds of objects, light and arrangement through your camera. Why do some food photos look so delicious? How is it that some photos of erstwhile mundane things seem to speak with a voice of their own? I will guide you through the still life principles, Light, Unity, Movement, Balance and more. I will have sets and lights set up for you jump in and exercise your visual skills.  $233 $185

Learn from a Pro! 

Make it a gift certificate!

I took a course at Phototrainer to help me better understand my camera and what it could do. Tom really helped explain all the features and functions with good examples and an excellent supplementary booklet that goes with the camera’s manual. I now feel much more confident with using my camera now.

- Ed Uytingco