Better iPhone Photos! 

$233  $190   Jan. 14 (a Sunday),  Feb. 03,  Feb. 24, Apr. 6

9:30 am to 3:30pm

iPhone Photography Redefined… 

This Instrumenta-Ubiquita…made photography The People’s Art!

Sleeping somewhere in your phone is an extraordinary little camera. Better Than Ever! Rather shy, yet it has a creative heart like you.  I personally introduce the two of you and then teach you how to use this camera-phone the way a photographer uses a camera-camera. Deliberately. This day class explores the foundation of owning and operating your iPhone as a camera, in the pursuit of great photos. There is more function than mystery here and i will show you very cool stuff. 

The class is from 9am to 4pm, with a 1 hour lunch break. In the morning we go over the iPhone camera evolution and functions then we shoot photos. We do this again in the afternoon with some compositional coaching. I offer troubleshooting in practice and fine tuning techniques for good photography. It is a fun group class. I mix things up, you will not get antsy and I get you into the Zone.

Note: Yes, this is an iPhone class. Nevertheless, If you a different product, I can still help. Let me know what you have and i will be ready for you!

~ My classes are limited to five people only. This way you get the attention you need to make the change you seek in your photos and practice creative flow. You will love your camera from this day forward.

Learn from a Pro!

Give a little and make someone happy.