Better iPhone Quick Zoom

Feb. 13 (*Sunday), Mar. 6*, Apr. 3*   |  $105.

 9am – 12pm  Three hour Quickie!

I am live-hosting my popular Better iPhone class in a 3 hour Zoom version for the world at large. No Robots or webinars.  Learn to use this Instrumenta-Ubiquita less haphazardly, and more deliberately. This class is refined to highlight the most useful and intriguing iPhone features for you to use today. Heck, you could even be Covid positive and take the class!

Now that iPhone photography is the People’s Art it is more evident than ever that there is more to making good photos than meets the lens. Sleeping somewhere in your phone is a dandy little camera. It is rather shy, yet it has a creative heart and so do you. I will personally introduce the two of you and then teach you how to use this camera-phone the way a photographer uses a camera-camera. This class explores the foundation of owning and operating your iPhone as a camera, in the pursuit of great camerawork. You can do this with the camera that is in your pocket. Exciting, yes.

We start at 9am and work till Noon, with a short shoot break at 10:30. But no running off to eat or checking on the kids!  Learn iPhone chops you do not know and how to crafting better photos makes your life more enjoyable.

Learn from a Pro today!

Give a little and make someone happy.

Make it a gift certificate!