DSLR/M Camera Jumpstart Class

$233  $190  March, 30. May 11, Jun. 15  Apr. 15~Tax Champ Special! ($105) ~SOLD OUT~


This class is for those who want to know Manual Mode.

Birds, Babies, Whales, Minnows, Un-boxings, Soufleés, Abandoned Building Nudes, Motorcycles, Mooncycles, Shot-put, Billiards or Banana Slugs. It is all yours.

The most popular of my digital photography classes, the DSLR/M Jumpstart walks you through the 8 real functions of your camera so you can practice the art and craft of photography, whatever that may be for you. Newbie, intermediate or avid, this class is for those that want to change your photographs by using Manual Mode. Amen. Manual Mode will bring the change you are seeking in your photographs. I teach you and your camera to talk in Manual Mode. Couples counseling, as it were, for you and your new kind of scary camera. I make this daunting prospect fun, all protein, and easy to digest. I am a seasoned pro. Having witnessed how people learn digital photography for 1O+ years, I am certified half Man – half CMOS and I have great reviews. This class is not for everyone; just those who are ready for more.

~ My classes are limited to five people only. This way you get the attention you need to make the change we seek in your camerawork. I am practiced at getting you into the Zone. And you will love your camera from this day forward..

Learn from a Pro!

Give a little and make someone happy.