DSLR/M Jumpstart Class 2021 $125.

This class happens on two days, a week apart in the morning. 2 hours each session. And…Homework!

2 Saturdays  |  January 2 and 9 |  9:30 am to 11: 30 am
2 Saturdays  |  February 6 and 13 |  1 pm to 3 pm

2 Saturdays  |  March 6 and 13 |  1 pm to 3 pm

2 Saturdays  |  April 10 and 17 |  9:30 am to 11:30 am

The most popular* of my digital photography classes, the DSLR/M Jumpstart class is ideal for new and current camera owners who are aching for better photos using manual mode. This Zoom class is now Covid-Safe and more convenient happening in two, 2-hour segments on two concurrent Saturdays. During the week you are asked to shoot using what you learned. You will be expected to be brave and share these with us in the second session a week later. In session one, I will introduce you to the light, its qualities, substance, color, and smell. I shall make sense of the manual mode metering along with the mysteries of Aperture, Shutter, and that pesky ISO. You and I will go deep into the numerical (ISO 24,600. F/8. 1/4ooo etc.) environment of your camera. So be it. Deep has never been this much fun. You will be given exposure-based assignments to do during the week. No whining,

In session two we learn to focus. Yet another deep function in the modern, evolved full function camera. Light again comes into play as the technology of auto-focus (contrast detection) rivals the human visual cortex. So here we are with a camera’s way of seeing and our own ways of seeing and this is where they meet. PhotoTrainer World Headquarters. Focus modes and Focus points whys and wherefores will be discovered in your fancy little black boxes. I know you are stuck at home, and this the perfect excuse (rationale) to put off work, kill the kids and spouse another time, ignore cranky housemates, and forget the dishes. Come have some fun with your new friend. I will help you be a better photographer. Maybe not a better person, but heck, you might be pleasantly surprised. Finally, we will look at the photos you brave souls shot during the week and see what was discovered!  ~TEU

*iPhone class is trending up and may surpass soon when all the legal ballots are counted. 😳

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