Learn Portraiture Lighting

$375 $225.   May 18  ~(Model Included!)


Improve your portraiture in one day.

To Portray: depict (someone) in a work of art or literature. Describe (someone) in a particular way. On this day we delve into the LIGHT natural and artificial. The Tech and the Touch. Portrait making is part technique, part seduction and partly communion of light, photographer and subject. 

We explore the standards: Single light, Rembrandt light, BroadlLight, Split light; their cousins, and even more relatives. This is a portraiture workshop for people who want to dramatically improve their portraiture skills by having a firm grasp of the LIGHT. This opens the creative uses of light and being prepared for unexpected circumstances of amazing light. You will shoot in these styles and variations leaving you with a solid set of portrait photography skills.

An experienced model is included in the fee, We start at 9am and work together until 4pm; with a 1 hour lunch break. Please be confident with your camera in Manual Mode, this is NOT a camera class. ( see the Jumpstart for that!)

~ My classes are limited to five people only. This way you get the right attention you need to make the change you seek in your Photos. Five stars on Yelp for 10 years, I’ve got this. 

Learn From a Pro!