Learn Portraiture Lighting

$233 $285.  May 27, July 22  ~  (Model Included!)


Students love this class!

Definition: Painting, drawing, photograph or engraving of a person. On this day we go beyond the definition and delve into the LIGHT in the NEW PhotoTrainer World Headquarters…with an earlier start. Join an experienced model (included) and me for a day of portrait photography in the studio. We examine light and sources in depth. Learn how to combine Light and Face to make people look great, scary, introspective, any way your imagination might want. We explore single source, 3-point lighting, Rembrandt, Beauty,and Film Noir styles. This is a portraiture workshop for people who want to dramatically improve their people photography.

It is not for everyone, you must be comfortable with manual mode and want to move beyond commonplace candid shots. Portrait making is a deliberate act of agreement and a bit of communion. Students get to shoot in these styles leaving with a solid set of portrait photography skills.

~ My classes are limited to six people only. This way you get the attention you need to make the change we seek in your camerawork. I am practiced at getting you into the flow of camera work; in the Zone. And you will love your camera from this day forward.

Learn Live with a Pro! 

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