Lightroom 101 Startup  $248

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu

You’ve got the nice camera. You want to shoot raw files. You’ve heard Adobe Lightroom® is your next step. The trouble is Lightroom can be rather daunting at the outset. Let me help you through this first step with my one-on-one session. Through years of teaching photography software, both individually and in groups, I have learned that focus and attention to the process are the keys to understanding image editing. In this regard, individual sessions are far more effective and efficient. Bring your laptop, an installed copy of Lightroom and a portable hard drive and start your journey with my easy-to-use system. Come away with your computer ready to go and my easy-to-follow set of instructions to keep you on track. This session is for people who have not yet started Lightroom but want to do so. I help you set up your catalog from scratch and set you on the path forward with photography.

2-hour one-on-one session  $248 

Lightroom 911 Rescue $300

Lightroom Rescue & Recover This service is an in depth fix, we examine the LR install and file details, root out the troublemakers and set a new course in a clean environment. You have installed Lightroom on your own, and hit the wall of overwhelm…now you are limping along in Lightroom? Is your image archive on life support? Do you have Multiple Catalog Syndrome, (i.e.: catalogs you can’t tell apart or even locate?) Perhaps you have tried to import your valuable photos but they’re missing or somewhere in hard drive hospice. Sound familiar? I can help you make things right and organized. Lightroom Emergency Room visits are available by appointment at PhotoTrainer World Headquarters in Palo Alto. Sign up below for an appointment. The Lightroom doc also does house calls.

2.5-hour one-on-one session $300 

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Individual PhotoTraining

Many people prefer the privacy and person-to-person connection of private training. Use one-on-one time with me to focus on the technical functions of your camera, the creative aspects of your photography or even a specific genre of photography you want to explore. Get all the info...

Mentorship with a Pro

For the committed photography buff in your life or perhaps, you. Get to the next level with the art and science, have a show of your work, make your move into a photo practice. This is a personal growth mentorship independent of school, online and book learning with clear goals and the time to reach them. It's you and me... Get all the info...

If you have questions and would like to speak with me before you sign up to any of the private trainings, please feel free to call me at (650) 325-8120.