Learn Photographic Composition

$233 $185  June 17, July 05,  August 08


But, is is art?

Yes, the perennial nagging question! All too often we go at photography willy-nilly, shooting from the hip as if we are using a vacuum cleaner for memories, ideas and events. Today’s day camera is an instrument. A musical instrument for Light. Contrary to popular beliefs, good photography does not just happen. There is essential language and method to the mad-art of camerawork. Study photographic composition with me for a day, your photographs to be better than ever.

You will see how lenses, geometry, space, frame, shape and more awaken your unconscious creative eye. I jumpstart your visual awareness to new destinations. To help you improve, this class is hands-on – Live with me!  I have you learning, shooting and sharing.  By the end you will be engaged with and to your camera!

Learn Live with a Pro!

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