Learn Photographic Composition  $233.00

Saturdays   |  Feb. 1, 2020, May 9, 2020  |   9am-4pm

Join us for this one-day Composition Workshop. In one day I will introduce to you many ways to make images stronger, with the building blocks of intelligent image making. This is hands-on action. You will learn, shoot and review with a benevolent guide (i.e. me 😁)

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What makes a photograph stronger? Weaker? Compelling enough to be sold to someone? What makes a photograph worth keeping?Join aforementioned Pro photographer for a day of contemplating composition. We’ll elevate photographic navel gazing by looking at cool photos that show geometry, lines, curves, figure, ground, and the broader language of creative thinking with a camera. Not resting on our laurels indoors, we go out and shoot together, then we look at our photos. In fact, we will do this twice! Don’t worry I will have your back AND I let you out of class for lunch. So only one question remains. . . is it ART?

Come and find out!

Enrollment is limited. This is NOT a camera class, so it is good to be familiar with your camera.


Here’s a thought… Give a little and make someone happy!

Make it a gift certificate!

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