Learn Photographic Composition

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But, is is art…

Yes, the perennial nagging question! All too often we go at photography willy-nilly, shooting from the hip as if we are shovin’ around a vacuum cleaner. Today’s cameras are instruments. A musical instrument for Light. Contrary to popular beliefs, good photography does not just happen, it is not sucked up off the visual field. In fact, there is an essential language and method to the mad-art of camerawork. Study photographic composition with me for a day, your photographs to be better than ever. Forever.

You will see how lenses, geometry, space, frame, shape and more awaken your creative eye. I jumpstart your visual awareness to new destinations. To help you improve, this class is hands-on – Live with me!  I have you learning, shooting and sharing.  By the end you will be engaged with and to your camera!

Learn a Pro!

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