Learn Photographic Composition  $135.00

2 Saturdays  |  January 16 and 23  |   9:30 am to 11:30 am

2 Saturdays  |  March 27 and April 3  |   9:30 am to 11:30 am

All too often go at photography willy-nilly, as if we are using a vacuum cleaner for memories, ideas and events. The modern day camera is now an instrument. A musical instrument for Light. Virtuoso photography does not just happen. There is some essential language and method to the madness/art of camerawork. Study photographic composition with me; your photos will transform. You will see how lenses, geometry, space, shape and more awaken your innate creativity. Seeing things will finally be different. This class is hands-on,yes, even in the jaws of contagion over Zoom. Live with me!  I have you learning, shooting and sharing.  This class will be the one where you will learn to love your camera.

Enrollment is limited.

The format for current classes: I limit this class size; even in Zoom, as it helps me to keep our experience more personal which is important to me. The class format is more hands on than my others, and a bit longer. 2.5 hours on the first day and 2.5 hours on the second day of class. I will be giving you mini assignments to do in class and during the week. When you sign up for the class you are signing up for BOTH sessions, please plan to attend both, as these spots are reserved and held for you. No mixing and matching, please, so check your calendars twice before signing up.

Learn Live with a Pro! (What a Concept!)

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