Learn Portraiture Lighting $336.00 (Model Included!)

Saturdays  |  Feb. 20, 2021

This class is under reconstruction. Traditionally held live with human models I am re thinking how to do this over Zoom and the projected state of Covid Vaccine deployments.

Students love this class; I am holding out to see when we can do this in person again…if you are interested send me and email to get on the list.

Portraiture is when someone has agreed to be photographed…

Join an experienced model and me for a day of portrait photography in the studio and urban settings around Mountain View. In photography it’s all about the light. Portraiture is no exception, yet it is often overlooked. In this workshop we will examine both studio and natural light. Learn how to combine Light and Face to make people look great. This portraiture workshop is for people who are comfortable with their cameras in manual mode and want to move beyond commonplace candids. learn how to work with people to get the best possible portrayals of their personalities and spirit. Portraiture is a deliberate act of communion.

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 Learn Live with a Pro! (What a Concept!)