Learn Portraiture Lighting $336.00 (Model Included!)

Saturdays  |  Feb. 8, Apr. 25  |   9am-4pm 

Portraiture is when someone has agreed to be photographed…

Join an experienced model and me for a day of portrait photography in the studio and urban settings around downtown Palo Alto. In photography it’s all about the light. Portraiture is no exception, yet it is often overlooked. In this workshop you will examine both studio and natural light. Learn how to make people look great. What a concept! We work in the studio and then in various outdoor locations all the while looking at the light, exploring, posing, composing, shooting and reviewing. I will be your guide in this fascinating endeavor.

This portraiture workshop is for people who are comfortable with their cameras in manual mode and want to move beyond commonplace candids. There is a difference between taking photos and making photos. You have heard this before and now you can do it! Learn better portraiture lighting, the shapes of the human face, and posing the body. We will do this in the studio and in natural light. Above all, learn how to work with people to get the best possible portrayals of their personalities and spirit. Portraiture is a deliberate act of communion.

This class, limited to six people, runs from 9am to 4:30pm with a lunch break. Treat yourself to a real day’s worth of photography!

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