Still Life Class

Feb. 19, Mar. 19  |  $233

9am – 4pm

Why do junk food photos look so darn good?

Ha! Join me for a day of Still Life Photography and find out. PhotoTrainer World Headquarters. 9am to 4pm. Explore the worlds of objects, light, and arrangement through your camera. In the morning we look at the great 20th century Still Life photographers spanning Edward Weston to Irving Penn, and explore their lasting inspiration in the arrangement of objects of desire. Best of all, in the afternoon try your hand at this timeless craft yourself with me and your camera.

I will guide you through arrangement, light, unity, movement, balance, and more. I will have sets and lights set up for you to jump in and exercise your visual skills. Bring your tripod. Be here for a day, supercharge your photography hereafter!

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