Nice to meet you!

I am Tom Upton, owner of Tom Upton Studio and creator of PhotoTrainer®. I warmed to photography early in life. In the sixth grade a science teacher showed us that rolls of film in our “Kodaks” held secrets. Chemistry and kid-kitchen skills were all summoned like spirits to conjure illusory spells from these plastic scrolls. In yellow light and water, images appeared out of nowhere. It was Magic.

Here I am some 50+ years later still shooting. Turns out, I still have a lot to say and share regarding my love for photography..

PhotoTrainer is where you can learn to use your camera like a Pro. I host small live classes, (please be vaccinated!) in person and selectively, on Zoom.  Not for the faint of heart or lazy learner, we get down to business, Manual Mode in the Jumpstart, the vernacular of photographic artistry in Composition, and the power of light in the Portraiture class.  Learn where the art and craft in photography is hiding behind all those buttons, dials, and switches.

With a decade of great reviews, I have taught countless people how to love their cameras and find their innate creative center. Photographers with my time in the industry can conjure great testimonials and impressive client lists. So be it; join me in person and get the real hands on and eye to eye experience for you and your nice camera.

Contact Me  Right here. The satellites will find me. 

Tom Upton, photographer