DSLR/M Jumpstart Class

DSLR/M Camera Jumpstart Class

$233  $190 

June 15 (class full) | July 27 | Aug. 17 | Sept. 28 ($125)



9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Practice the art and craft of photography.

Manual Mode. How cameras work. You bought yourself the nice proper camera.

Maybe because of Birds, Babies, Whales, Minnows, Un-boxings, Soufflés, abandoned building nudes, Motorcycles, Moon cycles, Soccer kids, Shot-put, Billiards or Banana Slugs. Did I leave anything out?

No matter why, there is a lot of camera here. The menu alone can be overwhelming for beginners and intrepid shooters. 

My digital camera Jumpstart reveals the 8 functions of your nice camera. Yup, eight. 

Learning Manual Mode will unite you and your camera, enable you to shoot in any kind of light and make your photos a lot better.

Having witnessed how people learn digital cameras, I am accomplished at getting you into the zone here. This is couple’s counselling for you and your camera. With my blessings, you will love your camera from this day forward.

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