Private PhotoTraining Overview

PhotoTraining is personal, for you, and your camera, and it is my specialty. PhotoTraining is just the thing IF:

  • you are a shy beginner
  • you are finally traveling and have been bitten hard by the shutterbug
  • you just retired and the spouse wants you out of the house
  • you are short on time and long on desire
  • the stork dropped a baby in your chimney
  • you have kids that are playing sports, acting in plays, or making art in the living room
  • you do better with hands-on learning than book or webinar learning
  • you have noticed that your spouse is NOT the best person to teach you camera stuff
  • you just treated yourself to a really nice camera and the user guide put you to into a deep catatonic state not experienced since the 1970’s
  • you want to explore something in photography in depth and be challenged
  • your boss just put you in charge of the company blog and web presence

I have an Individual PhotoTraining for quick-start one-time sessions to give you a boost. I can offer you group lessons over a month. In addition, I have Mentorships for focused long term learning for those of you determined to pursue photography seriously.

If you have questions and would like to speak with me before you sign up to any of the private trainings, please feel free to call me, Tom, at (650) 325-8120.

“Tom has an endless ability to answer some of my toughest questions and help me understand what seems to be the foreign language of a camera. My favorite is his system for organizing my manual in color coded tabs. Tom’s many years experience and college education as a professional photographer is noticeable and very helpful, and he has a dry sense of humor.”

– Teresa Callen

“Overall this was a great class. I don’t learn well in an auditorium type setting with 20, 30, 40+ people. I took a Jumpstart course and loved the format. Tom provided me with instructions for my Nikon after he found out my version so I knew where in the manual to find things. He was very hands on, showing each of us individually how to do things.”

– Chelsea M

“Just took Tom’s JumpStart DSLR class today. It was wonderful. I finally know what all the knobs and buttons on my DSLR are for! The custom course book, which Tom must’ve slaved hundreds of hours over, is phenomenal – it’s the most concise intro to photography I’ve seen anywhere.”

– Julia C

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