Private PhotoTraining

Private PhotoTraining


With my experience as a commercial photographer, I offer Individual PhotoTraining to awaken the inner photographer we all have. In this personal one-on-one session I show you how manual mode produces much better photos. This training is scalable to all levels of photography experience.

You can see how the camera is built and how all the really nice controls are there to help you. I introduce you to your camera and its charisma. I take the beginner to intermediate photographer deeper into crucial functions regarding color, image quality, and specific settings for the different genres you may be drawn to. For advanced photographers, I can even help you if there are chronic pain points, whereby I connect some missing dots to said points and provide you relief.

If you are a person-to-person learner, Individual PhotoTraining is for you. 2.5 hours $325.

If you have questions and would like to speak with me before you sign up, please feel free to call me at (650) 325-8120.

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