Mentorship with a Pro

Mentorship with a Pro – Level I


For the committed photography lover in your life, or perhaps, you! Become intimate with the art, science, and practice of photography with a personal guide. Learn the foundation of the craft by doing. I have a curriculum, seasoned by years of experience that starts you off properly in a world class practice that will serve you to build on the foundation we set in place. There are two concurrent levels, Level I and Level II. And now, there’s Mini Mentorship!

Level I: In Level I, we explore camerawork together in-depth. In this personal course of study you get my focused attention over twelve weekly meetings of 2 hours each*. We go deep into the elements of the craft, and the supporting camera functions. I introduce you to Lightroom, the photography software that helps you learn and think like a photographer. We will create portraits and still life compositions as a means to learn the principles of excellent photography.

Twelve weekly meetings of 2 hours each. These camera fundamentals apply to all photography you may do henceforth and prepare you for the Level II training. Most importantly you become comfortable enough with the camera and the computer that practicing photography feels like an effortless creative extension of yourself. There is additional flexibility later in this program to concentrate on your own photographic interests. I help you look at your interests and goals in the context of camerawork to help you awaken your creative self. 12 weeks, 24 hours. $2640.

*not “cast in stone”…but the course is to be completed within a four-month window of time.

Mentorship with a Pro – Level II


Level II: Level II can either continue your Level I work or we can move into a personal course of study where we refine your body of work with compositional review and then, fine art printmaking by way of Photoshop. We make prints so you can show your work. In conjunction with this course of study we explore well-known photographers with similar interests to help examine, challenge, and inspire you. From this exploration, we work with a theme that you choose to focus on.

We look at where you are, where you want to go and then together, we create a path forward. I coach you in the art, craft, and practice of making better photographs. Whatever the genre, I am with you to get your work aligned with creating a cohesive body of images worthy of exhibition. 12 weeks, 24 hours. $2640  (*To be completed within a four-month window of time.)

Mini Mentorship


Introducing the Mini Mentorship: If you want to delve deep into a specific aspect of your photography that you would like to improve, the Mini Mentorship is for you! In a forthright and timely manner we can refine your exposure skills, portraiture skills, compositional skills, photo editing acumen, and more. Perhaps you were interested in photography long ago and want to reignite the flame. You may be going on a trip and need a quick set of practices that will set you up for great photos when you arrive. Or perhaps you just got yourself a great new camera and are overwhelmed by the user interface.

The Mini Mentorship can provide you with certain camera comfort from now on. This is a photo immersion experience for you and your camera. We will create a focused training plan tailored to your needs and your camera. I will provide assignments that we will review and critique on camera and compositional techniques: A balance of craft and vision. These reviews will blend proper camera use with the observational practice of seeing like a photographer. Photographers don’t have a superior way of seeing things, we are just more practiced at looking and shooting at life as it presents itself. You too can do this with the right guidance. 6 weeks, 12 hours. $1440  (*To be completed within 4 month window of time.)

All Mentorships include:

  •  a comprehensive curriculum as described for LEVEL I, LEVEL II or the MINI.
  • learning the camera and subsequent image work on the computer.
  • weekly meetings with training, assignments, and reviews.
  • custom tailoring for your desired genres of interest or professional need.
  • a clear path to a rewarding creative future, loving photography, and contributing beauty to your life.

If you have questions and would like to speak with me before you sign up, please feel free to call me at (650) 325-8120. You can also arrange for a gift certificate for any of the trainings.

“It started with an awkward phone call. Mom with camera on the one end of the phone and veteran photographer on the other, who blithely tells me, “Many are called, few are chosen”. These were the words I was left with as I was facing the crossroads of becoming a photographer or remaining corporate junkie.” 

– Charlene Lingham, Photographer,

Little Blessings Photography,

Los Altos CA

“I gave Tom a big challenge: after using a point and shoot for 20 years, with a big international trip coming up in a few months, I boldly purchased a Nikon DSLR, came to Tom, and said, “Teach me everything. Fast. please…”
– Cynthia McReynolds, MFT,
Palo Alto
“I’ve had a DSLR for a number of years and mastered the basics early on but felt like my learning had plateaued. That’s when I looked Tom up and signed up for one-on-one mentoring. It’s been a terrific help. I know what my camera can do – and how to make it do it – so much better now and I’ve started to understand the magic of post-processing.”
– Dana Schmidt, Program Officer in the Global Development

and Population Program and the Education Program for the Hewlett Foundation.

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