PhotoTraining for Business

ll companies use photography to drive marketing communications and enhance their web presence. The better your photographs, the more successful your presence and branding will be. The window of crowd-casting crappy, and over-using cheap stock photographs is rapidly closing. People are not stupid. You are being judged by your photos, so do not look cheap. DSLR and iPhone Photography have changed the game, but muddied the waters … so it is time for Seller Beware!

The journey from the camera to today’s varied media manifestations requires a firm grasp of digital image-work. I can teach you to use simple or complex cameras. I can teach how to get the files to look their best online or on paper. Whether you are in Marketing or Plasma Physics I can train you to use the camera creatively to tell your story brilliantly.

Private Training for Business can take a number of forms.

  • A large finance company wanted to take portraits of 200 employees on one site, and get camera and lighting and training to make the same consistent looking portraits in 25 locations across the Nation.
  • A well known camera manufacturer, wanted basic lighting training for their Silicon Valley researchers.
  • A social media company wanted to do a group training on the DSLR for 25 employees.
  • A large information search company wanted to conduct a portrait photography onsite event as a team-building activity for one of their departments.

The limit is only that of your imagination, Photography is the People’s Art and a universal language in and of itself. I conduct Phototraining for businesses on a case by case basis, as a proposal. Tell me what you want.

By all means, contact me through email: or phone at 650-279-7292 if you have any questions. If you have a need to work photography into your business to help your bottom line. OR if you have something in mind for your employees I am sure they would love it!

Tom Upton

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